More sellable meters per coil

Umlauf Bridles increase or decrease the strip tension, as required – at any position in a strip processing line. Umlauf Bridles are successfully in operation in numerous strip processing applications, such as

  • pickling, annealing, rolling, leveling and hot-dip galvanizing
  • side trimming, slitting and cutting to length
  • also of thick and high-strength strips

They provide great benefits:

  • More sellable meters per coil
  • Perfect surfaces
  • Fewer process steps
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

Optimal yield

As Umlauf Bridles are installed very close to the respective units of the processing lines, the strip is already under back-tension before the strip head enters, let’s say, the recoiler. This significantly increases the usable coil length. In some strip processing lines the yield per coil may be increased by up to 20 m.

In pickling lines Umlauf Bridles provide for higher pickling speeds as it is possible to trim the strip edges before the strip runs into the pickling line.

Minimal residual stresses

Umlauf Bridles apply a high tensile force to the strip, uniformly distributed over the entire strip width. This results in a just as evenly distributed tension ... and extremely good strip flatness.

Ideal strip shape

Umlauf Bridles can be pivoted through their vertical axis, for example, in order to reduce strip camber and adjust the strip position during side trimming.

Due to their unique design, Umlauf Bridles pull the shorter side of the strip stronger than the longer side. Thus they “by the way” remove the camber effect from the strip. This effect can be reinforced by pivoting the Umlauf Bridle.

Perfect surface

By applying the force over an area – and not concentrated in one point – any local concentrations of forces or relative movements between the crawler unit and the strip surface are avoided. Thus also very delicate strip surfaces will be free of longitudinal scratches when they leave the processing lines.

Minimal energy requirements

Umlauf Bridles guide the strip linearly, without deflecting it in any way. Therefore, no strain energy is required as, for example, in conventional bridle roll units. This is an important cost factor, especially when dealing with thick strips.

Ideal for thick and high-strength strips

Umlauf Bridles apply strip back-tensions of up to 6,000 kN, which is much more than archievable by traditional bridle roll units.

Compact design – ideal for newly built lines and revamps

Umlauf Bridles are very compact. This saves valuable space when building a new line or revamping an existing one.