More than 30 years of plant engineering expertise

BTU was founded in 1985 by Norbert Umlauf who had developed a technology capable of flexibly building up or reducing the back-tension of strip in strip processing lines while adjusting strip travel in a highly precise manner. That technology helped operators of strip processing lines in cold rolling mills and steel service centers to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their operations.

Since then, Umlauf Bridles have been in use all over the world at leading producers of steel or non-ferrous metals strip. Umlauf Bridles have proven their worth in pickling, hot-dip galvanizing and annealing lines as well as in finishing facilities such as cut-to-length or slitting lines.

Today, more than 30 Umlauf Bridles are in use in rolling mills, strip processing lines and service centers of renowned strip producers. Several new installations are currently underway.

A break-through innovation is the continuous stretch-leveling process, a unique process enabled by Umlauf Bridle technology. Umlauf Bridles generate an extremely homogeneous strain distribution across the strip width, i.e. perpendicular to the direction of strip travel and even when dealing with thick strips - this at a much reduced engineering effort compared to conventional bridle rolls which entail the deflection of the strip.

Since 2016, Norbert Umlauf’s sons, Christian and Michael, have taken up active roles in the company.