Leveling without rollers

Working principle:

With one Umlauf Bridle arranged before and one behind the leveling process, it is possible to apply - in a precisely controlled manner - a longitudinally acting force of several thousand kN onto the strip. Thus it is possible to also level thick strips and strip made of high-strength steels, ensuring that such strips also feature only minimal residual stresses when shipped to the customer.

Other than conventional bridle roll units, Umlauf Bridles distribute the strip tension equally over the width of the strip, adjusting it with a precision of 0.1 percent.

Stretch-leveling without bridle rolls

In a classic stretch-leveling process, Umlauf Bridles are used instead of conventional bridle roll units. This means:

• Distinctly higher and more uniform tension over the entire width of the strip
• No deflection of the strip
• Low energy requirements
• No drives for the rollers required
• Small footprint


It may also be possible to use fewer, but larger rollers in the leveler, resulting in an overall marked reduction of residual stresses and even better strip flatness.

Continuous stretch-leveling without bridle rolls

Umlauf Bridles build up such high strip back-tension that the strip can be leveled without requiring any leveling rollers. As a positive side effect, bridle rolls will become completely superfluous.

Leveling with Umlauf Bridles is a continuous process. Therefore, it achieves much higher through-put rates than stretchers.

Leveling during rolling

Umlauf Bridles arranged next to cold rolling stands can set any ratio between strip tension and rolling force, as required by the process or the material.

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Leveling in cut-to-length lines

In cut-to-length lines an Umlauf Bridle builds up high strip back-tension after the leveler. This arrangement relieves the drives of the leveler, guarantees precise strip steering and makes highly accurate side trimming possible.
Under certain conditions, it may even be possible to do entirely without driven leveling rollers.

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Leveling in slitting lines

In slitting lines, Umlauf Bridles level all cut strips at the same time. This is because the Umlauf Bridle ensures that the back-tension acts extremely uniformly over the entire width of the strip.

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Perfect leveling

  • By applying high back-tension homogeneously over the complete width of the strip, Umlauf Bridles minimize or – if used with a stretch-leveler – completely eliminate residual stresses.

Perfect strip shape

  • Due to their unique design, Umlauf Bridles “by the way” remove strip camber.

High yield

  • As the Umlauf Bridles are arranged very close to the leveler, apart from very few meters, the entire length of the coil is leveled.
  • The useful width of the strip increases because the strip can be extremely precisely side trimmed thanks to the exact steering of the strip by the Umlauf Bridles.

High flexibility

  • Umlauf Bridles can build up back-tensions high enough to also level thick strips and strip made of high-strength steels.

Simple design

  • No bridle rolls are needed.
  • Fewer and/or larger leveling rollers can be used.
  • The drives of the leveling rollers are relieved or it may even be possible to use idle rolls.

Perfect surface

  • Any damage of the strip surface is ruled out because neither the leveling rollers nor the crawler tracks of the Umlauf Bridle will slip on the strip.