Scale breaking without conventional bridle rolls, leveling without leveling rollers

Working principle:

Ahead of push-pull pickling lines, Umlauf Bridles replace conventional bridle roll units. While building up high strip tension, Umlauf Bridles perform scale breaking and leveling at the same time. Thanks to their compact design, they require very little installation space. If side trimming takes place ahead of the pickling line, the strip can be pickled at a higher speed.

An Umlauf Bridle arranged ahead of the recoiler pulls the strip through the pickling tank in a precisely controlled way, enabling uniform recoiling with equally precisely controlled back-tension. Here would also be a suitable position for a side trimming unit because, while pulling the strip through the pickling tank, the Umlauf Bridle creates ideal conditions for side trimming.

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Clean strip surface:

  • Ideal combination of bending, stretching and compressing
  • ... also when processing thick strips

Perfect leveling:

  • Elongation rates of up to 10 percent can be adjusted and controlled with a precision of 0.1 percent
  • Uniform strip-tension distribution, as the Umlauf Bridle applies the tensile force extremely uniformly over the entire strip width.
  • Minimal residual stresses

High yield:

  • Minimal head and tail scrap, as apart from very few meters the entire strip coil is leveled.
  • If side trimming takes place ahead of the pickling line, the strip can be pickled at a higher speed, as the strip edges, which used to be the limiting factor, no longer determine the pickling speed.

Precise strip steering:

  • Reliable and accurate steering of the strip through the pickling tank

High flexibility:

  • The possibility of building up very high back-tensions allows also thick and high-strength strips to be leveled.
  • The stretch ratio can be flexibly adjusted as required.

Safe operation:

  • Smooth threading in and out, as the strip is not deflected in any way

Low energy requirements:

  • As Umlauf Bridles guide the strip linearly, i.e. without any deflection, no strain energy is required. This is an important cost factor of conventional bridle roll units, especially when dealing with thick strips.

Less maintenance:

  • Longer service lives of leveling rollers and circular knives