Working principle:

One Umlauf Bridle:

One Umlauf Bridle arranged behind the slitting unit pulls the strip through the circular knives.

Two Umlauf Bridles:

A second Umlauf Bridle serves as a braking unit ahead of the recoiler.


Perfect cut edges:

  • The strip is fed to the shears with an accuracy of + / - 1 mm.
  • Due to the high strip back-tension, the circular knives operate at optimal speeds.
  • The best cutting quality is achieved when the strip to be cut is under tension.

Uniform leveling:

  • Only the Umlauf Bridle technology provides the possibility of leveling all strips of slit coils at the same time.
  • All the strips of a slit coil are leveled with the same specific back-tension, i.e. shorter strips will be stretched.
  • Thanks to the unique way of applying back-tension to the strip, leveling with Umlauf Bridles is as if each strip of a slit coil was running separately through a leveler.

Precise recoiling:

  • Each strip of a slit coil is subjected to the same specific back-tension.
  • The elastic coating of the chain cars compensates the differences in speed between the individual strips.
  • Every strip is wound into straight-edged slit-strip coils of the same specific tightness.

Minimal non-productive times:

  • Easy and quick threading
  • No changing of felt
  • Long intervals between replacement of the crawler tracks’ elastic coating

Minimal maintenance:

  • Up to ten times longer service life of the slitting knives